Helpful Links

Other than this website, there are more good sites about colleges and financial aid online.

Helpful links about the college admission process:

ACT: American College Testing – A little bit of everything
SAT: College Board Online – Chock full of good info
HEATH Resource Center – Disability resource center
ECHHO: Educators in College Helping Hispanics Onward – Hispanic students’ helpful info

Helpful links about colleges:

Online Learning Network – Explore distance learning in Ohio
ACT: American College Testing – For a little bit of everything
College Board Online – Good college search section

Helpful links about financial aid:

FAFSA EXPRESS: Free Application for Federal Student Aid – Apply online, and it’s FREE
FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page – Comprehensive, informative, and objective
e-Scholar – Government-financed scholarship and job opportunities
SAT: College Board Online – Great scholarship search section
Financial Aid Need Estimator – Help for estimating the family contribution
Student Financial Assistance Information [U.S. Dept. of Education – Info for students and parents
FastWEB: Financial Aid Search Through the Web – Money search and expert tips; free stuff
State Grants & Scholarships [Ohio Board of Regents] – Ohio financial aid opportunities

Additional links:

Ohio Board of Regents – Ohio Higher Education overview
U.S. Dept. of Education – Education news, views, and things to use